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Friday, March 14, 2014

We Have Moved

I've been working on this move for quite some time. After having serious writer's block and having a lot change in my life I finally saw that I needed to take my own advice. Embrace the changes going on and start something in a new direction. I am no longer a stay at home mom, I've been blessed with an amazing job and the kids get to be in childcare where they are loved and learning. It was super scary to take the leap into this job, lots of prayer and talking with the husband was involved. I feel like I found my voice again but I need to change where I'm writing. Thus the URL change. Still the same person, just a slight change in my role. Still being Brave.

Find me here:

Friday, March 7, 2014

Adventures in the Sand

Growing up in Southern California was pretty sweet. This is not a woe as me story, it's all sunshine and a little rain down here. The polar vortex didn't even touch us.. Did I lose some of you yet? But something that I was never a fan of was the beach. It just didn't call to me like it supposedly does to everyone else. I didn't want to feel the ocean breeze and the thought of sand everywhere was enough to send me running.

When we had kids my husband (who loves the beach) pointed out that I was going to have to make some sacrifices in that area for the boys- him included. I fought it for awhile, I was making the decision that hey- my kids are totally fine without the beach. Then this happened:
As a mom seeing pure joy on your child's face means that you keep doing what makes them so happy. Splashing and exploring made them ecstatic and the sand everywhere- pure joy.
Sand panic aside, it has been really fun letting go of the anxiety the beach used to give me and embrace the mess. This is another part of me being brave, letting my littles go crazy and enjoy the sunshine.  
PS this was in February. 
East coast.. you can hate me now.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Everyday advice.

I find myself needing to take my own advice. Change has shaken up my life and I have yet to adjust to it. Granted it's not easy change- it's been a rough ride but I haven't done a good job in embracing the difficulties of it all.

Being married to a chef ain't glamorous like it sounds. It means long hours and no Friday night dates. It means dodging the "where's daddy" question often and making up for the missing parent. I didn't ask to be a single parent but I did sign up to support my husband in his dreams. Struggling with the balance of being lonely and sad while being a warrior and powering through. But this is our normal now, this is our life. Choosing to be grateful is the only way to survive because being ungrateful and sad and angry will only result in more frustration and tears.

So we choose to embrace it. Choose to pray and to turn to love. Because if there is one thing I had to be grateful for in these hard times is the people who love me and who love my family. We are beyond blessed with so much love in our life. Even when there is anger, there is still love.

And even in the hard times these faces remind me there's still joy.
This is San Diego in January. Sorry polar vortex.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello Monday: Fountains and Trains

If you follow me on Instagram (and ya should!) you would've seen I had a couple of San Diego confessions this past week. We've lived in this gorgeous city for the majority of our lives, in Southern California for my whole life so I really shouldn't have had these confessions but I did.

We were tourists in our own city this past week.

Due to a recent move about 20 minutes south the boys and I have been slowly becoming adventurers. 
Balboa Park, Downtown San Diego

We explored Balboa park for the first time (barely scratched the surface) with our friends and went to the train museum. Seeing the joy in my boys eyes gave me the tiniest bit of guilt. Why have I been holding out on them? We have so many opportunities at our finger tips, yes we do get out and have fun but it's always in my comfort zone. And this is my year to step out of that, get a little uncomfortable and take the kiddos places that used to make me nervous with two little ones. Even though they are little and may not remember much of these adventures with their momma I will have stories to tell them. I will get to share with them how Brave I was in taking two crazy boys all over our city. Plus the pictures- they are amazing and make the best kind of memories. 

Can't wait to share all our adventures with you, go be a tourist in your own city!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

One Word: Brave.

After Embracing life last year and really taking changes with stride, I'm ready to be Brave this year.

poster found here
I struggle with confidence and it's something that I'm so ready to change. Time to step up and be brave, believe in myself and believe in what I can do. Not just with confidence but with being nervous. Not doing things because it's out of my comfort zone. Time to kick that bad habit.
My goal for this year (and yes I realize it's already mid-January but everyone knows the new year takes a couple weeks to start!) Be BRAVE. Be courageous and strong. Have faith in Him and make sure that I trust that my life is in His hands and He never gives us more then we can handle.
I want to inspire others.
So go, step out of your comfort zone. Do something different today and make someone else smile. Get uncomfortable and try to not be nervous while doing it. Join me in this years journey, in the words of Miss Sara Bareilles- "Show me, how big your Brave is."

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